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All of our pieces are hand crafted by small family businesses in India and Thailand. These relationships have been built from years of travel by our founder Dan whilst sourcing for her Boutique in Melbourne.

We appreciate and respect the relationships formed and work hard to consistently ensure these relationships are safe, healthy and nurtured.

All workers are paid fair wages, and all businesses we work with are paid the amount asked. We never haggle or try to take advantage, our mutual working partnership is of the utmost importance.

Our artisans pass their skills on through the generations, and unfortunatley the ancient technique of block printing is in jeopardy of phasing out. Great skill and mastery needed and due to lifestyle and world changes, it is feared that in the next 10 years block printing may be a lost art.

 These pieces are truly artworks and need to be cherished and loved forever.

 At Fleetwood we ensure that our way of producing is as ethical and sustainable as possible.

We believe in slow fashion and produce small batch collections or pieces, whereby only enough fabric is printed for each run. We aim for minimal waste and consumption, and will never mass produce, or produce more than is needed. We avoid putting stress and pressure on our artisans and work carefully with necessary time frames so as to not create overload. We have a sustainable and flexible approach to how we produce, making our fashion nice and slow....

One piece can take around 6 months to create from conception to the final product. The process that goes into designing, adapting, sampling, production to shipping is a lengthy and complex one. So much thought and love is oozed into every possible aspect making each piece so much more special and thoughtful.

We use only natural fibres and the kindest dyes. 

We do not ever use or support single use plastics, and all of your garments will come packaged in their own blockprinted or canvas tote, or a recycled sari silk pouch.

We send all items in only compostable/recycleable packaging unless unavailable, and hope that you will compost or reuse these for your own packaging, composting or gifting! 

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