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Here is THE bohemian waistcoat that dreams are made of!

Re-imagined from a 70s quilted blockprint vest i found many years ago in an op shop and still treasure.... one day i asked myself - why am i not making these?!


This stunning waistcoat is the perfect layer piece to wear over all of your blouses, dresses, or absolutely anything.

A special waistcoat will never ever go out of fad!



- beautiful repetitive blockprint with gorgeous border trim all hand pressed with wooden blocks.

- diagonal stitching on soft quilted cotton.

- full 100% cotton including internal wadding.

- sweet fabric covered button front.

- back fabric tie addition so you can pull in at waist if desired.

- can be turned inside out and label and care tag removed to have a plain quilted waistcoat!


Each piece comes in its own matching blockprinted tote which can be used as an everyday bag, shopper or package gifts for others in it..... no plastics here ever!


Our garments are designed by us here in Australia, and made by our talented team of artisans in Jaipur, India. We work very closely with our team through every step of the process ensuring all trade is done fairly, and that our artisans best interests are put first and foremost.


** Please note if you have previously purchased our quilted ASTER waistcoat, we have added a back tie for extra pull in at the waist if desired, and button front rather than clasps and tie.

With ALOKA Waistcoat we have also widened the armholes so that it can be layered over Jumpers in the cooler weather.

ALOKA Quilted Waistcoat - Ocean

  • XS (6-8) - chest circumference 88cm.

    Across back shoulder 35cm.

    Armhole - 20cm.


    S (8-10) - Chest circumference 94cm.

    Across back shoulder - 37cm.

    Armhole 21cm.


    M (10-12) - Chest circumference 98cm.

    Across back shoulder - 38cm.

    Armhole 21.5.


    L (12-14) - Chest circumference - 104cm

    Across back shoulder - 40cm.

    Armhole - 23cm.



    XL (14-18) - Chest circumference 112cm.

    Across back shoulder - 41cm.

    Armhole - 24cm.

  • Garment care:

    We recommend to only hand wash when absolutely necessary, instead consider airing or spot cleaning.

    Gently wring out.

    Hang on a clothes hanger and let dry in a gentle breeze.

    Cool iron only inside out.

    Do not bleach or tumble dry.

    Wear with joy - you are beautiful and one-of a kind.

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