Floral but fresh, Rose Geranium leads the way in scent, blended amongst other calming 100% pure essential oils it is then popped with the lightness and expansion of Petigrain and Eucalyptus and grounded in Frankincense.
Dream Mist is a sleep time blend, helping to calm the mind, centre the energy and create space within oneself to breathe, unify and deeply relax.
AFFIRMATION - "I now allow myself to let go of the day. With each inhale i feel relaxed and calm, with each exhale i soften and release".
TO USE - Spray over the crown chakra, or above head, while saying affirmation.... then onto the heart and soles of feet. Take 3 deep breaths and repeat the affirmation. Feel yourself unwind and drift off to sleep.
ALL NATURAL. Crystal infused Purified Water, Gem and Flower Essences and 100% natural Essential Oils of: Rose Geranium, Lavender, Eucalyptus, Petigrain, Frankincense, Ylang Ylang.
Made in Australia with love and sealed with a Mantra.
Not tested on animals.
50 ml.

Hanako Therapies Dream Mist

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