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100% Upcycled Vintage Kantha blankets.


Our vintage Kantha Coats have been created from heirloom vintage blankets sourced from all over Rajasthan. Our master tailors have re-imagined them into very unique and beautiful Coats.

Made from 100% cotton Kantha, which is a centuries old tradition of stitching patchwork cloth from rags. It is re-cycling in its oldest form, whereby villages would give old textiles new life. Old saris, lungis anddhotis, made incredibly soft through wear, would be re-threaded in a long kantha stitch in layers to create new strong fabric - recycling at its best!


Each Coat is completely unique, and can be worn turned inside out for another unique print - nobody else out there will ever have one exactly like the one you choose! :)


- deep patch front pockets on the outside.

- long sleeves which can be folded back to get the contrast of the other side.

- an open style duster coat with no buttons.

- our short Kantha coats come with a matching tie so you can pull closer to style as desired.


A beautiful unique layer piece that will take you through every season, either layered over a warm sweater or your favourite tee and jeans…



Each blanket has been hand picked by founder Dan, every one for its print, colour and quality. They come in varying thicknesses. Please note as these are made from vintage blankets they will not be perfect. Some blankets are worn in spots, faded, and some are patched.... we believe this only adds to their beautiful history and story, and makes them even more special. Please bear this in mind when purchasing a vintage re-imagined garment.

Kali Kantha Coat L/XL #1

  • S/M:

    Chest circumference - 100cm.

    Across back arm seam to arm seam - 40cm.

    Sleeve Length - 60cm.

    Length - 78cm.


    Chest circumference - 120cm.

    Across back arm seam to seam 45cm.

    Sleeve length - 60cm.

    Length - 78cm.


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