The Astrology Diary 2022 is a beautiful daily planner, utilizing the ancient wisdom of astrology to help empower decision making, nourish relationships and make the most of all opportunities.


This Diary is beautifully presented, uniquely illustrated around the zodiac theme, and brings lunar wisdom into your day to day life.

It is divided by zodiac sign showing how the suns movement through the zodiac, and planetary conjunctions all affect our energies, no matter what sun sign.

It also illustrates the characteristics of each zodiac sign and how this may impact events in your life.

Astrology is a wonderful tool you can use everywhere, and this beautiful diary is fantastic for people already immersed in astrology and novices alike.


288 pages, spiral bound with gold embossment.

Author and Astrologer - Ana Leo

The Astrology Diary 2022 - Ana Leo