Our Kantha Market Bags are Upcycled from Vintage Indian Kantha Quilts.

KANTHA (meaning patched cloth) is the tradition of producing unique blankets with a straight running stitch embroidery, out of discarded or unused items.

Each one of our bags is cut from different parts of a quilt so each bag will be completely different.

REVERSIBLE ~ turn inside out and you have 2 bags in one!

100% Cotton.

As these are made from old Kantha there may be slight imperfections such as small patches or marks, but this only adds to the uniqueness of each piece... what journey has this Kantha been on? Who has used and loved and mended before me? I love the idea of this.....

Perfect for shopping or so gorgeous just use as a daily bag.

Gorgeous eco friendly gift.



8cm deep.

Vintage Kantha Market Bag