V  I  N  T  A  G  E 
S  A  M  P  L  E  S

All of our vintage & pre-loved pieces are one-off and have a story to tell! They are chosen for their uniqueness, quality and collectability; items that have been cherished and loved by someone in a different time and place. 


When you choose one of these, either in our shopfront in Belgrave or online here, you are choosing a unique piece that only you will behold.

Please note that we put completley different vintage pieces on the website that are not in the shopfront, so unfortunately these particular hand sourced items are not available to try on in the Boutique. But never fear as there is a huge array of other goods in the bricks and mortar shop to be found!

Please be mindful when purchasing vintage and pre-loved items that they will not look brand new. 

However all of our photos and information make up the full description of the item, so please look and read carefully as the goods in this section are not refundable or exchangable.

We are more than happy to give you more information should you seek it, just send a message here through the CONTACT US button and we will respond as soon as possible.


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