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"Fleetwood Collection was born from my love of Travel, Textiles, and the freedom and fashion of the 1970s....

I aim to source and create you ethically made treasures from local creators and artisans from all around the world. 

My focus is sustainable shopping and I recognise that everything we buy has environmental, health and social impacts upon us.  

I search high and low to find you earth conscious products whether they be from my own doorstep, or from families I have met on my travels overseas. 

I am passionate to ensure my business leaves a minimal environmental footprint, and I am dedicated to bringing you global wares that are ecofriendly, unique & eclectic.  I hand pick or design each piece that has been lovingly made by artisans using only fair trade & ethical practices.

From Hilltribe Silver which is hand made by the community of Karen people in the hills of Northern Thailand, our small female cottage industry of hand embroidery, to supporting small family business in India, everything is created and traded fairly.

The evolution of the Fleetwood brand has transpired from my desire to see more ethical and sustainable options in our Australian Fashion Market. I have evolved to create my own clothing label offering handmade, blockprinted and embroidered clothing using only the kindest natural dyes and fibres.

Fleetwood celebrates slow batch seasonless fashion, beautiful textiles, mutual respect with global artisans, and my love and celebration of our precious Mother Earth.

I hope you will find a special treasure here just right for you.

Thankyou for supporting small sustainable Australian business.

Dan xoxo"

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the heart of it.....

Fleetwood Collection is about  ethically made, seasonless, timeless fashion... Our products are made with heart and soul in every step of the process to get them to you.

We make considered pieces to last you a lifetime - they are made to live, laugh, dance, play, work, and be free in... forever pieces for you to cherish forever.

"Fleetwood  Collection celebrates slow seasonless fashion, beautiful textiles, mutual respect with global artisans, and my love and celebration of our precious Mother Earth".

Dan, founder of Fleetwood

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