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Discover the magic of our ethically made bohemian jackets

Each Fleetwood piece reflects our commitment to the slow fashion movement. We create small-batch, seasonless bohemian clothing that encapsulates timelessness and transcends fleeting fashion trends. We are rooted in the principle of quality over quantity, and our collection honours the true spirit of bohemian — limitless and free.

Our passion for sustainable fashion

At Fleetwood Collection, we pride ourselves on crafting every piece with an unwavering commitment to environmentally ethical practices. From sourcing organic, renewable materials to ensuring ethical manufacturing processes, we endeavour to minimise our carbon footprint at every step.

The clothing we meticulously craft perfectly blends our passion for unique style and sustainability. 

We believe in creating sustainable fashion that not only speaks to your unique sense of style but aligns with your values. Each piece we design is a testament to our love for the Earth, a tangible representation of our pledge to safeguard its future.

Drawing inspiration from the heart of Bohemian, our artisans imbue each piece of bohemian clothing with a soul of its own. The intricate embroidery, rich colour palettes and exclusive prints are a tribute to the artisans' dexterity, each stitch whispering a tale of their craft. Shop our unique range of small batch clothing today

Experience the magic of slow fashion with Fleetwood Collection. Shop our bohemian jackets, and wear your values on your sleeve. Embrace sustainable fashion, and make a style statement that is impactful and beautiful.

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