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The Story...

Our beautiful Fleetwood Folk pieces are designed here in Australia, where we consider pattern and colour each season. With our small team in Thailand the fabric is hand dyed and tailored before they are hand embroidered in a rural village by a small cottage industry of women. They sit together in their homes and sew and laugh.... this is their livelihood and we are so proud to have been working with them, and therefore supporting them for the last 15 years. We never haggle or negotiate, the prices they set and need are what we pay. It is completely fair trade and ethical and the money we pay goes directly to them.

With our consistent support and business they are happy and thriving doing something that they love.

We know that when you see, feel and wear these magical pieces you will appreciate the absolute love and effort that is poured into them.

IMG_1899 2.jpg
Our Folk Range is hand embroidered entirely by women from the Li and Bann Thi Villages in the Lamphun Province of Thailand... 
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