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Bohemian Jewellery

All of our Silver and Gemstone Jewellery is NEW and hand crafted by talented artisans using traditional methods.
Our Indian Silver is hand made in Rajasthan from 92.5% sterling silver using ancient Indian methods of oxidisation and Rawa work. 
Our Hilltribe Silver is made by the Karen people in the Lamphuan Province of Northern Thailand. The entire Community take part in the crafting of their silver as a way of supporting their people. It is a high and pure content of silver using 97-99% making it matte looking and malleable in order to carve intricate designs. 
I have been working with the Karen people for over 15 years, and these products are completely fair trade, with all funds going to the hill tribe to use for building huts, everyday supplies, and educational needs. The family i work with in Pushkar Rajasthan have been with me since i began this business and have become like a family to me. I have seen their own children grow and love visiting them each time i go to India.
eclectic silver bohemian ethical jewellery
eclectic silver bohemian jewellery
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