We design every piece with the intention that they will become special heirloom pieces you can pass on to another. We have longevity in mind when creating all of our pieces, and want you to be able to wear your items every day, every season, every year! They are created to be lived in and loved, not saved for best. Seasonless, timeless and effortless is what we are all about! 

As our pieces are naturally dyed or hand stitched there are steps you can take to ensure a longer life for your garments....

* Always hand wash your garment in Cold Water, preferably with an eco detergent. Gently wring out and either dry flat, or dry on a hanger outside blowing in a gentle breeze. Dappled sunlight and fresh air are their best friends!

* Only wash your garments when you feel they absolutley need it! As our pieces are hand blockprinted with natural dyes, or hand embroidered, they need gentle care and minimal washing.

We find that washing your garments in a washing machine will only age and fade them faster.

* We like to avoid a hot iron on hand made pieces, instead either steam, hang in the breeze, or use only a warm iron with your garment inside out.

*If your garment turns out not for you one day, consider re-gifting to a friend, selling online or donating to a charity shop to avoid it ending up in landfill.